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Not sure what is trash or treasure? You could be throwing away money!!

Don’t forget while you are doing your spring cleaning, you may become so overwhelmed with the excitement of getting rid of the clutter, just keep in mind you could be throwing away money…Don’t throw anything out without calling Joe Bayles. 508-397-4897.

Remember the saying “someone elses trash is someone elses treasure?”  He can give you an estimate of a trash removal job, and he can let you know if any of your unwanted “trash” is money worth cashing in.  That is what is great about our business, why hire more than one company to do this when we can do it all…First we will tell you what is sellable, purchase it out right, take it for consignment, or take it away to a charity for you. You will get a tax receipt that you can claim up to 500.00 off your taxes at the end of the year.  Then if you need the “trashman” to help dispose of the rest, just ask for a quote for the remaining spring cleaing job . This is an easy way to remember that is how you can avoid throwing away money.

So don’t let that happen to you, try to make extra cash by calling Joe Bayles and try to salvage what you think is really trash, but is really a treasure!! 508-397-4897 or 978-744-4433

Spring Cleaning? Joe Bayles offers trash removal services no job to small!

It has been a long winter, and now its time to do some spring cleaning.  Stressed about what you can and cannot put out on trash night because of all the restrictions they have ? Well call Joe Bayles . Not only does Joe , owner of Witch City Consignment offer many great services such as auctioneering, thrift store services, he is also known as THE TRASHMAN! Its like a one stop shop, a man who does almost everything to help someone in need….the trashman offers complete trash removal services. He can remove 1 item or a whole house full. Items such as disposing items from your attic, basements, garages, old appliances, hazardous waste ,paint cans, computer monitors, tvs, yard debris, mattresses, household items, etc, almost anything that the local trash men don’t take!! We have a truck to haul the junk away for those smaller jobs,but if there is a big job don’t stress, we can order a dumpster (many sizes avail.) and do all the work onsite filling it and then when its filled, its hauled away!

So don’t stress anymore, don’t try it for yourself, leave it for the professionals. Call Joe Bayles, 508-397-4897 and get a free estimate. No obligations.