Witch City Consignment & Thrift Store MA, North Shore, Jerrys used furniture 25-50% off sale

Witch City Consignment and Thrift Store, 301 Essex street, salem, ma, (old jerrys army and navy) is the largest consignment store, thrift store, second hand store on the north shore, mass. Every day witch city thrift (next to the Witch House) has color sales 25-50% off antiques, used furniture, glassware, paintings, etc. this month its 25% off pink stickered merchandise, and 50% off green stickered merchandise. But if you mention this post at any time, get 10 % off any other items that is not on sale! At Witch City Consignment & Thrift store, Mass, NOrthshore, we can buy your used furniture, buy your antiques, sell your used furniture, sell your antiques, and other treasures. Read our other posts and see what witch city consignment has to offer . northshorehousecleanouts.com, baylesauctioneering.com, northshoreusedfurniture.com! Northshoreused furniture is our other name that has another website where we tell you about our trash removal services in the north shore or surrounding areas.

please call 978-744-4433 or 978-744-1547


dont use boston craigslist, call us witch city consignment and thrift anytime