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Antique , Art, Victoria Station Memorabilia Auction, Mon April 30, 2018 at 6pm. J. Bayles Auctioneers, Witch City Consignment

We are having another antique auction on Monday  Nov 13, 2017. Auction starts at 6pm, preview will be 3 that day. We will be updating the website, and auctionzip with listings and pictures in the next week or so up until the day of auction! A lot of great things we have saved up for this auction so keep watching!

Not only do we have some cool stuff from Salem MA Victoria Station, but we also have a lot of other cool items from local estates :FAIRBANKS BANJO MADE by The Vega Company with NO 4 on it. Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Rockport artist painting by Edward Rosenfeld, Original Opera posters from local Salem Estate, Poster says ASOCIANCION SINFONICA DE ROSARIO, IKA GONZALEZ ALDALUR, 148 GRAN CONCIERTO, RECITAL DE CANTO IKA ALDALUR SOPRANO LIRICA POSTER, LOTERIA DE BENEFICENCIA NACIOAL Y CASINOS PRESENTA IKA ALDALUR, ANOTHER POSTER ORQUESTA SINFONTCA PROVINCIAL DE RASARIO SOPRANO DE LA IKA ALDALUR

link to the auctionzip to view some of the items we have for the upcoming auction~
just click on the picture of the