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Joseph Bayles has over 30 years of experience in both auctioneering and appraisals. He is licensed and bonded with the state of Massachusetts (MA license #861). I am going to share with you the “history of Joe Bayles and how he became Bayles Auctioneers, and Witch City Consignment!

Joe was born in 1951 in Somerville Ma. He graduated from Somerville high and worked at nursing home as a janitor/cleaner. That is where he met his beautiful wife, Denise. They got married in 1973! Joe didn’t do antiques full time all his life, he worked at Polaroid in Waltham, Ma as a chemical processor for about 37 years until the company closed.Joe has loved antiques almost all his life. He has always collected antiques for himself personally, but it wasn’t until he got into his 30’s that he decided to take his dads advice to start buying and reselling them. Joe and Denise opened a small antique shop where he worked on his days off from his other job. The store stayed open for a few years and yes it did ok but he decided he wanted more. The store wasn’t enough for him, yes it was a place where he met a lot of local dealers and new friends throughout the years, but he wanted to better ..for himself and for his family…..
So I believe it was around 1991-92 a few years after his parents passing, Joe decided to become an antique auctioneer. That is what he always wanted to do, so he finally did it! It was funny, he called himself the “New kid on the block”. That is what he would write on all his auction flyers. Then he stopped using that saying because that’s the time when the boy band, New kids came out lol. His first auction was held at the Abundant Life School in Wilmington, which is now the Boutwell School. He continued being successful with his auctions, he decided that after Polaroid closed down, he would do this full time!
That is when we saw the for rent sign at Jerrys Army and Navy in Salem, MA! It was in 2005, we opened our 10,000 sq ft consignment store. Now 10 years later, we are still successful with our consignment store, offering trash removal services and we now have the antique auctions at the store a few times a year. Denise and Joe Bayles have been happily married for 43 years now, they have four grown children, Joe Jr, Jennifer, Michael, and Matthew. They have the pleasure to be the grandparents of 4 awesome grandchildren.

Joe Bayles also offers trash removal services North Shore Area, Junk Removal Services Northshore Area, Free scrap removal services North shore area.

Witch City Consignment & Thrift is also known as North shore used furniture, And Joe Bayles is best known as the trashman! We as one company offer many different services to fit your every need! You don’t have to look anymore because we are your one stop shop for downsizing needs. Please call us if you have questions about any of the following:

  • Estate sales and auctions
  • trash removal services North Shore
  • free scrap removal services North Shore
  • junk removal services North Shore
  • Estate and commercial liquidations
  • Antiques purchases and appraisals
  • Fundraisers
  • Appraisals for personal or probate
  • Consignment/Thrift Store sales
  • Joe Bayles will pay cash for your items

We know that downsizing, moving, clearing out a loved ones estate, they can be overwhelming and stressful. You realize you don’t know who to call because there are so many different trash removal services, so many consignment stores, so many auctioneer services. You don’t want to have 5 different people in your house. That’s why Witch City Consignment, Joe Bayles can help.


1. You call us, we make an appointment that fits your schedule and we come to your house. Joe Bayles or one of our qualified employees will look and assess your situation. Joe will probably discuss with you the service that best fits your needs. If it is a trash cleanout service you need, you and him will agree on a price and we will complete that service usually that day or if its a big job soon there after. You need to pay at least half of the money for the job before it is started and when it is completed, the remainder is due before we leave the premises.(keep in mind if there is any added extras that were not discussed in the original agreement, there may be extra charges) (We take Most checks, cash and credit card )

2. If the service you need is you want items to be sold outright, we decide together what items are sellable and what items are not. You can tell us if you want to sell the items outright or consign them. If you decide to take the money right then and there, Joe Bayles will pay you the amount agreed on for your items. Please remember that once the deal is made, it is a legal and binding contract. So make sure that you are the rightful owner of the merchandise and that you are ready to let go and move on because if you call us and say you want it back, you will have to buy it back from us through the store.

3. If you choose to have us, Witch City Consignment, Joe Bayles, sell the items on consignment, we can take it to our store to sell for a commission. Most of the time, the commission is usually 50/50, but in some cases if the items are very valuable, we can discuss a lower rate. (most cases items for the auctions)

4. Next we inventory everything on a signed contract and we haul it away for you in our company truck. Our employees bring it to Witch City Consignment, 301 Essex Street, Salem, Ma (located in old Jerrys). When they arrive, we tag everything that comes off the truck with your very own consignor number with our colored labels. It is then displayed and priced by us in the best possible way in the store so that customers can come in and begin to admire and hopefully purchase your treasures. The items are priced accordingly by Witch City Consignment staff. We are highly knowledgeable about how to price items that are new or old. We are trained to research any item that we are not sure of the value.

5. All items that are brought in with boxes that need to be sorted and cleaned, are placed in the back drop off area where nobody except the employees are allowed. Then if there is any item that needs to be looked up for current values, we can do so without anyone interrupting. After that process is done, all the merchandise is priced and out on the floor, we double check to make sure everything was properly tagged and ready to go.

6. When an item sells, the customer brings it up to the desk and we take the inventory numbers down and we make a brief description of what it is and the price, Jenn will enter it into the database and at the beginning of every month (during your contract) she will print out a list of the items that were sold and mail you a check for the amount minus any commissions or pickup fees. After your contract has expired, you have the option to come back and retrieve the unsold items within a few days and take them home? If you choose not to do that, any item sold after your ended contract date, the proceeds go to Northeast Animal Shelter, 347 Highland Ave, Salem, Ma. 01970. Any unsold items will get donated to a local charity.

7. Believe it or not, these steps seem overwhelming or confusing. They really are not. Basically we do all the work for you, you just have to take the first step and call us and decide how you want to do business with us. Don’t feel like you can only do one or the other, we will do it all!! Joe Bayles can sell items for you, or buy them from you, do a trash removal job for you. We can completely empty your house if needed using these options of services we offer to you. We are insured, licensed and bonded. Joe Bayles can give you references if needed.

8. Our company also works closely with lawyers, realtors, assisted living and so much more. We offer referral fees to whoever tells anyone about us! Be sure to have the customer tell us who referred them and please by all means, call us to see if your contact worked out with us! 508-397-4897. Please keep us in mind for all your downsizing needs!

For auctions we offer a competitive percentage rate for all items sold. The auctions are held right at our store located at
301 Essex Street, Salem, Ma. We usually hold them on Mondays. Starting at 6pm. Consignors are usually paid within 7 business days after auction!
We will beat any quoted price for trash removal Northshore, trash removal boston! call 508-397-4897
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