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Downsizing? Death in the family? Divorcing? or simply just NEED CASH? You don’t know where to start, you think what do I do with all this stuff? Is any of this worth money, what do I do with the trash? First thoughts are yard sale, or craigslist? BUT why bother with the hassles of doing all the work, or having tons of people coming to your house, or people making appointments and not showing up. Your time is worth something.

Witch City Consignment, Joe Bayles is here to help you during your overwhelming situation. We can come to your house and try to direct you with the best process on how to start. Joe, will walk around with you, listening to the details of the situation, by you explaining to him what has to be done, what has to be sold, what is staying, if there will be trash removal, if there is a deadline, etc. After the walk through is complete, Joe will give you a few options such as: a quote on how much he can buy the contents for, or estimate on a trash removal job on the unsellable items left, advice on if some items are worth going into one of his antique auctions held at our store Witch City Consignment, 301 Essex St, Salem, MA at a later date. He can be reached at 508-397-4897 or 978-744-4433

Joe Bayles can buy one item or all the sellable items, or offer you consignment option, whichever you prefer, and then if there are leftover unsellable items, Joe will give you a price on how much it would cost for him to get rid of the junk for you. At Witch City Consignment, we can put your used merchandise in the hands of eager customers and do the selling on your behalf. Witch City Consignment  & used furniture can sell your merchandise on consignment, pay cash right away, or you have option to donate your portion directly to the North East Animal Shelter, Salem, Ma. We try to pay the highest prices, but we are always fair with our prices, we pay quickly, and our turnover rate is second to none!

Joe Bayles, Witch City Consignment, The Trashman, North Shore Used Furniture. We are called by many names, we offer many different services. We are your one stop shop for downsizing! Trash removal, Buying your items for cash, selling your items in our consignment store, taking your scrap metal for free, taking your unwanted treasures and selling them with your proceeds going to the Northeast Animal Shelter, 347 Highland Ave, Salem, Ma.
Remember there is no obligation in calling and asking about our services!

What are the primary categories we are interested in buying paying cash or selling for you??
Antiques, Collectibles, Witch City Consignment buys and sells new and used furniture,
buy & sell pay highest price for gold and silver jewelry, coins, everyday household items, Pots & Pans/kitchen
Joe Bayles Buys your Paintings, Etchings, Pictures, Prints, Glassware, candles, knicknacks, military buy old military,
witch City Consignment, Joe Bayles buys & pays cash for instruments, Designer Handbags, Louis Vuitton, Gucci,
Vintage Clothing & Linens, and so much more will pay cash and pay the highest prices in the North Shore Area!

What are you NOT interested in selling?

Please do not bring us any of the following:

Stuffed Animals, NO KIDS ITEMS
big furniture, no couches, no dinning room sets, upholstered furniture
Broken items,Clear, chipped, Glass
WE DONT TAKE EVERYTHING, we take almost anything we think we can all make money on!

Also, we only take vintage clothes or costumes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you choose the consignment route, please remember that we price the items, and there are no guarantees, but keep in mind that the more money you make, the more money WE make! Regardless of consignment or us buying items instantly, everything doesn’t sell! There are many factors that we take into consideration when pricing your items. The condition of the item, the rarity, and even the brand helps us determine how much money we believe we can get for your items. We want your item to sell, after all, because we only make money if you do. Therefore, we do our best to be as realistic as possible with the price. We don’t guarantee prices, but the more you make,the more we make!

Items kept for 30days, 50/50 split, checks are mailed after the 5th of the following month, you don’t have to come back to retrieve your items at Witch City Consignment after contract expires. Items are donated after contract end to local charity and if it sells before we donate it, the proceeds go to the Northeast animal shelter!

We can sell almost anything! we can sell anything from used furniture north shore to designer handbags,With more than 5,000 square feet of space, there’s sure to be a spot for your merchandise.
If you have no way of getting your items to the store, just give us a call and make an appointment and we can come by and pick it for you! Whether it’s one item or 100 items. There is a pickup fee too. Call 978-744-4433 or 508-397-4897 or send email to witchcitythrift@yahoo.com to make an appointment.

Witch City Consignment has partnered with the Northeast Animal Shelter, 347 Highland Ave, Salem Ma to help save lives of the many cats and dogs that reside there. Instead of giving you the proceeds, we will send the check with your 50% to the shelter. You can get a tax receipt upon request. For more information just call the store and ask for Jenn or Joe! or go to www.northeastanimalshelter.org on other ways you can help out.

You can find us on Angieslist also, please leave a positive review if you are a member and were happy with our services!

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