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Witch City Consignment gives to charity in your name! Call for More information.

Witch City Consignment donates alot to charity. Last month we donated 284.00 to the Dana Farber with the help of local consignors who chose to give their portion of money to charity instead of taking it for themselves. We send the money to the charity and then give your name and they send you a thank you and a tax receipt. The Jimmy Fund doubled it last month. Give us a call at 978-744-4433 or email us at if your interested in helping the Cancer Society or give us a call if you are a local charity we may be able to help. I just lost my grandmother Margaret Burton to cancer on August 7, 2010. May she rest in peace.

Witch City Consignment is now taking consignment appointments on weekends!

Witch City Consignment is now accepting consignment appointments on weekends. Is it hard for you to come in during the week? We would love for you to come in on the weekends! You can email us for an appointment, at or give us a call 978-744-4433 and let us know your coming in. No appoinment is really necessary, but you should call first.  We are making a few changes and clearing out alot of items to bring in the new! and making room so you can bring in fresh items.. So make sure you bring in quality items and try to read our guidelines on the website!

Witch City Consignment donates $250.00 to Dana Farber from donated items

Witch City Consignment believes in giving.  We have  generous customers who donate  their unwanted items to us and instead of taking the money for themselves,  the proceeds from those sales go to charity. We just wrote out a check for $250.00 to Dana Farber. We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and to thank anyone who decides to do the same in the future. Please consider donating your unwanted merchandise to our store, so we can keep on giving and help try to find a cure for cancer!  Please call for more information if interested.

Not sure what is trash or treasure? You could be throwing away money!!

Don’t forget while you are doing your spring cleaning, you may become so overwhelmed with the excitement of getting rid of the clutter, just keep in mind you could be throwing away money…Don’t throw anything out without calling Joe Bayles. 508-397-4897.

Remember the saying “someone elses trash is someone elses treasure?”  He can give you an estimate of a trash removal job, and he can let you know if any of your unwanted “trash” is money worth cashing in.  That is what is great about our business, why hire more than one company to do this when we can do it all…First we will tell you what is sellable, purchase it out right, take it for consignment, or take it away to a charity for you. You will get a tax receipt that you can claim up to 500.00 off your taxes at the end of the year.  Then if you need the “trashman” to help dispose of the rest, just ask for a quote for the remaining spring cleaing job . This is an easy way to remember that is how you can avoid throwing away money.

So don’t let that happen to you, try to make extra cash by calling Joe Bayles and try to salvage what you think is really trash, but is really a treasure!! 508-397-4897 or 978-744-4433