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Welcome to Witch City Consignment! We have 5,000 square feet filled with unique merchandise arriving daily. Once you shop here, you’ll understand why Witch City Consignment is The North shores #1 consignment store destination for curious, bargain-hungry shoppers. Be sure to sell used furniture here!

  • Witch City Consignment, North shore buys sells Antiques, buys & sells used furniture
  • Witch City Consignment Thrift buys & sells paintings, etchings, highest paid in North Shore.
  • We sell & buy new & used some glassware, sell & buy used china, sell and buy used kitchen items, pots,pans, etc
  • Witch City Thrift buys & sells Designer, costume jewelry, buys gold and silver, buys designer handbags,
  • Home decorating accessories: new and used linens , lamps, figurines, framed art
  • Witch City Consignment, Thrift buys and sells used video games such as ds,xbox 360, ps3
  • We buy Vintage clothing, perfume bottles new/old,knicknacks,candles, advertising, used military,old military,
  • Vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, and video cassettes, ipods, ipads, used cell phones,used electronics
  • sell used cameras,  binoculars, old skeleton keys, pocket watches, rings, necklaces
  • Halloween costumes, decor, witch related items, occult, oddities, old Salem, Ma items,
  • and so much more! Bascially anything new or used will buy or sell at Witch City Consignment Northshore
  • Witch City Consignment buys and sells used furniture Northshore at the highest prices!

*** THIS IS JUST A BASIC LIST OF ITEMS WE MAY BUY.  Please call ahead if your not sure of something that you have if we will purchase it. We can and usually buy or sell for you almost anything, but we make that decision when we see the item.  Please realize if we say no to an item brought in, its not to make you upset, its probably just an item that doesn’t sell well here, or maybe the condition is not very good.  We do great with little things,! Think small! something someone can take home in a suitcase, or a small nightstand or dresser. NO!!Big dinning room sets, living room sets, BIG hutches, couches, entertainment centers, old tvs, anything broken, chipped, cracked, those are items that do not sell!

The largest consignment store on the North Shore!